Physics Laboratory

This laboratory has ultra-modern equipment for all kinds of experiments students must perform in the Allied Health and Para Medical programmes. The equipment pertains to areas of Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Thermodynamics and Basic Wave and Geometrical Optics.

Digital Classroom

Every classroom is equipped with a high-definition LED TV monitor for audio and video presentations while conducting classes. 


The library has all the required books for each department. It also provides them access to thousands of international journals and books online — with a subscription to HELINET.

Dispensing Lab

This lab has advanced instruments to provide knowledge and skills for creating the layout, blocking and edging, surfacing process, verifying the powers, centration of multifocal and progressive lenses, identifying and tinting plastic lenses, adjusting frames to suit patient’s needs, frame fitting, basic frame repairs, and also apply fashion and sales knowledge to eyeglass dispensing.

Pathology lab- NJC

Pathology Lab

The laboratory is set up with automated equipment and manual methods where students get an opportunity to gain knowledge in the various fields of Pathology. Our college Laboratory provides demonstrations on different techniques as well as students get practical exposure to Hematology, Blood Transfusion Clinical Pathology, and Histopathology tests which enhance their technical skills in their field.

Microbiology Lab

Laboratory is well-equipped and has all requirements for the study of microorganisms. Here the students learn about infection-causing microorganisms and Sterilization procedures. It has a crucial role in infection prevention and control.

Biochemistry Lab

Clinical biochemistry is a branch of laboratory medicine in which chemical and biochemical methods are applied to the study of disease. The laboratory provides top-notch equipment, facilities and materials for clear knowledge of biochemical metabolic processes, and students are enabled to identify and analyze biochemical aspects of diseases and health.

Anatomy Lab

In this laboratory, students learn human clinical anatomy and the use of anatomy specimen and related activities. Our specimen and facilities provide a strong educational foundation to students — who follow clearly defined manuals and identify the anatomical structures. They have anatomy lectures by highly experienced and skilled doctors before the lab work begins — so that they have a good knowledge base to go into the lab with.

Visual optic Lab

Students practice the various clinical testing procedures from second year of their academics and they will posted in camps to have observations of patient care in second semester.


Our well-ventilated classrooms are spaces where education or training is provided, uninterrupted by outside distractions. We understand that the layout, design, and decor of the classroom have a significant effect on the educational experience of students. So, we have given importance to the lighting and furniture as well.

Computer Lab

We have a full-fledged computer laboratory with high-speed internet connectivity.

Seminar Hall

We have a large Seminar/Video Conferencing Hall with a Projector that facilitates students to present and attend seminars.

Students Demonstration Room

The Students Demonstration Room is a space where students are provided with experiences of real events, phenomena, and processes — helping them learn and also get curious and motivated. It enables students to focus on a particular phenomenon or event.

Rest Room

There are separate, well-ventilated restrooms for male and female students that they can use to rest, whenever they feel ill or unwell. We also provide any necessary emergency medication that they might need, along with first-aid kits.

Sports Room

The sports room is where most sports equipment and materials are kept, and it also provides the best indoor sports facility to the students. They can also play many indoor games like Table Tennis, Carrom, and Chess here.

Special facility

Hands-on Training in Operation Theatre

We have tied up with many well-known specialty & multi-specialty hospitals having Operation Theatres with Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with state-of-the-art equipment. We ensure students are exposed to the most modern techniques in General Care, Critical Care of General Surgery, Cardiac, Pediatric, Oncology, Nephrology, ENT, Orthopedic, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, and Neurosurgery and Trauma Care — which are important for the students of Operation Theatre Technology.

Advance Learning Center for Public Health and Hospital Administration Students

We train students in various aspects — working with communities, social behavior, job responsibilities, evaluating the administration, good governance, planning and organizing, staffing of manpower and material resources, development, and many more that hospital administration and public health fields require

Assistance for Education Loan

Assistance for Education Loan

Our institution is a recognized institute by Govt. of Karnataka. Students can apply for education loans from all Nationalized Banks, Co-Operative Society Banks, and Scheduled Banks all over India.                                 

Scholarship Facility

We assist our eligible students to apply for  Government and Non-Government/Private sponsored scholarships if need be.

Hostel Facility

Our institute has separate hostels for boys and girls with round-the-clock security. Each hostel has a dining room providing nutritious meals. We also provide transport facilities to and from the hostel and college, free of cost.

First Aid Clinic

Periodic health checkups are conducted for our students to monitor their health and help them maintain good health. We also provide first aid facilities if and when required. 

Transport Facilities

Free transport facilities are provided to students and faculty — for regular classes and visits to the clinics/ hospitals for routine training.

100% Job Placement

We are engaged with many general hospitals, corporate hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical companies, health organizations, NGOs, and companies. Our institution has a robust job placement cell to train students for interviews and make them employable by arranging campus interviews. 

Campus Recruitment

We provide students with the added advantage of Campus Recruitment, so they have nothing to worry about regarding job placements. They can be placed at the many general hospitals, corporate hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical companies, health organizations, NGOs, and other companies we engage with. They can also get a job in our college or other colleges, as a faculty member or laboratory instructor. Members of these organizations come to our college for their recruitment drives. We also train students for interviews.

24/7 CCTV Observation Covering Total Campus

We have sophisticated CCTV cameras, experienced security personnel, and other systems in place to keep all our students, faculty members, and our employees and their belongings safe. Rest assured that you will be on a surveilled and safe campus.

Indoor And Outdoor Games Facilities

The indoor games venue at our college is well-ventilated, accessible, and lets students play games like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, etc. We also encourage our students to play a range of outdoor games in natural spaces for sport and recreation. Playing such games, under the tutelage of trained coaches, sharpens their skills and invigorates their minds.

Experienced Teaching Faculties

We understand it is the members of the teaching community who impart progress to the students. Our team of highly qualified and experienced faculty provides high-quality education and training to students and also instill a sense of commitment and self-respect in them.

Practical Training In Multi Specialty Hospital

To give our students practical training and hands-on experience, we have tied up with many well-known specialty & multi-specialty hospitals in and around Udupi — which have Operation Theatres with Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and state-of-the-art equipment.

Staff Quarters

We have staff quarters situated close to campus. The quarters for faculty members and staff are equipped with all the modern amenities that they would need for a comfortable stay.

Microbiology/ Biochemistry/ Pathology lab

To Provide clear knowledge about biochemical metabolic process, microbiological and pathological changes of human beings. Students will be able to analyse , identify and estimate biochemical, microbiological and pathological aspects of disease and importance in health.

Dispensing lab

Students are trained in arts of dispensing and fitting lens in the frames.


A well equipped library is a reflection of an institution’s commitment to education and research. Library consists of several books required for the course. There are more than 300 soft copy books available. Other learning equipments include audio-visual aids and e- learning.

Visual Optics Lab

Students practice the various clinical testing procedures from second year of their academics and they will posted in camps to have observations of patient care in second semester.

Seminar/Video Conferencing Hall

The Seminar hall with video conferencing facility provides an opportunity for the students to update themselves with the recent updates in the Allied Health and Para Medical Courses.

Computer lab

A lab with 24hour internet access is available. Students are taught the basics in computers and Visual Basic.

Patient lounge in Hospital.

We have well furnished and equipped 50 Bedded in patient room.

Optics lab

Students will be trained to have clear understanding of image formation, the simple imaging concepts in single lenses and mirror.